Welcome to CoFI!

Welcome to CoFI!#

Welcome to the CoFI Documentation! CoFI, the Common Framework for Inference, is an open-source tool that bridges the gap between domain expertise and inference, within and beyond the field of geoscience.

Whether youโ€™re a student, an educator, or an industry professional, CoFI is your go-to tool. It simplifies the process of applying inference techniques, allowing for a wide range of applications from academic research and teaching to solving real-world geoscience problems in the industry. With its user-friendly, flexible and accessible interface, CoFI empowers you to focus on what truly matters - the science.

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 1# CoFI API has flexible ways of defining an inversion problem. For instance:
 2import cofi
 4inv_problem = cofi.BaseProblem()
 8# Once a problem is defined, `cofi` can tell you what inference tools you can
 9# use based on what level of information you've provided:
10inv_problem.suggest_tools()   # a tree will be printed
12# Run an inversion with these lines:
13inv_options = cofi.InversionOptions()
15inv_options.set_params(options={"num_iterations": 50, "algorithm": "Adam"})
17inv = cofi.Inversion(inv_problem, inv_options)
18result = inv.run()

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